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    ScanTek GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) uses the latest technology to locate REBAR, POST TENSION CABLES, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, COMMUNICATIVE CONDUITS, AND SLAB THICKNESS.

    Call TODAY to get the OK prior to core drilling or cutting a concrete slab to avoid the risk of striking these items to avoid COSTLY repairs and possibly life-threatening injuries.

    Our highly trained and experienced operators are able to service all of your needs! ScanTek GPR will leave you feeling confident and satisfied knowing you mitigated your risk for costly repairs and the safety of your staff.

    ScanTek GPR Specializes in Locating:

    (Post Tension Cables, Conduits & Rebar)

    We also specialize in Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting.

    We are the one-stop shop!

    Post Tension Cables:

    Post–tension cables are used in concrete construction to allow for thinner slabs and greater span lengths between support columns. These cables, which are composed of steel wires, are subsequently “tensioned” and grouted after the concrete is poured.

    Contractors responsible for the renovation of the slab have to avoid cutting any of these cables. Due to the extreme tension in Post Tension Cables, cutting these can impose a serious risk and compromise the structure’s integrity. Repairs to PT cables are costly and cause job setbacks.

    Electrical and Communication Conduits:

    A conduit is a tube used to protect and route electrical or wiring in a building or structure. By calling Vital GPR we can safely identify these items and prevent serious injury or harm to the cutter.

    Rebar Scanning:

    When preparing to cut or core concrete as part of a construction project, it is often important to locate the structural steel reinforcing. Rebar scanning with GPR makes this process easy. Failure to do so can result in costly mistakes that can delay a project while also damaging the integrity and stability of the structure. ScanTek GPR is experienced in locating rebar using our GPR capabilities for many different applications. Using GPR to locate rebar is quick, safe, and easy, and in the long run, it saves time, hassle, and money.


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    E-mail: info@ScanTekGPR.com

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